Gov. Brown backtracks. Pulls mask rule on 3/19 (just before Spring Break)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Governor Kate Brown issued a new deadline for the mask mandate to be repealed, formerly April 1st, now March 19th, the day before Spring Break starts for Oregon schools.  A Spring Break that surely would have featured open-defiance of the mask rule, just as much of rural Oregon has abandoned the rule already.  Gov. Brown likely moved the date out of upcoming embarrassment.

Governor Brown surely was under great pressure, since Oregonians have been under one of the nation’s longest and most strict Covid rules since the beginning.

As the chart shows, it was looking pretty lonely for Governor to hang on to the mask mandate.

And a state with one of the nation’s most restrictive and least flexible vaccine mandate.

Also. Governor Brown has been rated as the most disliked Governor in America according to Morning Consult Poll.

Governor Brown said, “I’m proud of the way Oregonians have worked together to keep each other safe”.  In reality there was no working together with the Governor because Governor Brown made her decisions behind closed doors.  Gov. Brown did not involve the people’s elected lawmakers.  During the pandemic, Governor Brown even withheld from counties the criteria used to determine the threat levels, leaving counties in the dark.  At every stage of this entire pandemic, Gov. Brown has told people what to do and blocked the media on nearly a dozen public records request.

This has been most unfair, and now Oregon…among the nation’s being given a week+ grace time in opening.

Oregonians deserve better.

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