Oregon among last 4 mask mandate states

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Using data from the New York Times, we see that Oregon, Washington, Illinois and Hawaii are the last remaining four states with a statewide mask mandates.

A few states have local mask mandates which were only at targeted high risk areas.  Having flexible and targeted rules that focus on the problem is not exactly Governor Brown’s style.  She has placed Oregon as among the first to close down business and among last to re-open them, among the first to close down schools and among the last to re-open them, and now among the last to undo the mask mandate.

Speaking of not being flexible, Oregon was only among six states with vaccinate-or-be-fired mandates.  Many states allowed for weekly testing for unvaccinated, whereas most states had no mandate whatsoever.

As of March 4th, there were only 383 people who were in the hospital with Covid as reported by the Oregon Health Authority.  Read more here.


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