Sen. Boquist: Water war, walkouts, wildfires…

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,

Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

Your tax dollars at work: DHS just found a teen that is their responsibility, that had been missing since April.

— Klamath water war gravely worries Oregon farmers.

Bootleg fire  is one of the largest in the country, as it is over 227,000 acres.

— Oregon heatwave victims were older and isolated. Gov. Brown was winetasting when the heatwave struck, sending Oregon into triple digit temperatures.

— Texas Democrats walked out and denied quorum in the Texas legislature and Oregon Democrats are quick to defend them. Interesting how the tides have turned! From this article: “It’s one thing to take a principled stand on something as sacred as the right to vote,” Hannah Kurowski, a spokeswoman for Oregon House Democrats, said in an email to OPB. “It’s another thing entirely to do what Oregon GOP lawmakers have done, which is to shut the Legislature down year after year after year because they are mad voters reject their extreme ideology.”

— It is wrong for the Texas governor and other legislators to call for the arrest of the wandering Democrats. Just as Gov. Kate Brown called for Oregon Republicans’ arrest – it smells like totalitarianism. These states constitutions grant rights to the minority party to protect it from the will of the majority. What if Texas Rs are in the minority one day, what then? Too often, Republicans assist with Democrats’ agenda to undermine the Constitution. Further, denying quorum is the only tool to use when conversation and working together fails, as Sen. Peter Courtney (D-Salem), has promised in a recent interview.

— It is different for the Texas Ds than the Oregon Senate Rs, as the Texas Ds have the state-run media in their corner. The Biden Admin is further backing the runaway legislators.

— Yikes: Gov. Kate Brown was recently appointed by Pres. Biden to serve on the Council of Governors to protect the USA from security threats.