Joe Biden: Move Over Neville Chamberlain

During our Civil War non-combatants would spread their blankets, unpack their picnic baskets and watch the ebb and flow of battle. They were as clueless as to the cruelty of war as most of our politicians who speak furiously from the safety of their legislative chambers or behind the microphones of their collaborative news media.

Russia’s unprovoked war on Ukraine is a stark reminder of the products of war – in discriminant death of soldiers and civilians alike and the wholesale destruction of communities and economies. Multiply those who have died by bullets and bombs a thousand fold and you will approach the number of those who will die of starvation, exposure, and the diseases that accompany the lack of water, sewers, sanitation, hospitals and hygiene.

Those who have fought wars – massive wars like World War II or regional conflicts like Vietnam and Afghanistan – know the horrors of war. The lily-sniffing Elis who dominate the State Department and the management of our intelligence units do not. (For those of you forced to endure a teachers union led education in the Portland Public Schools, an “Eli” is a graduate of Yale University. They reflect the “white, male and Yale” naivete of the State Department that sacrifices preparedness in pursuit of diplomacy while the bullies of the world savage the weak.)

This is not meant to reflect on those who gather the information but rather those who control the flow of that information. They, like the mainstream media decide what is reported and what it withheld from the politicians. We’ve seen the scope and scale of that manipulation of intelligence in the recent “Russian collusion” campaign by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who used the corruption of the State Department, the intelligence community and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to create, disperse and churn a false narrative solely for the benefit of Ms. Clinton’s presidential campaign. And most importantly we watched as a parade of former and then-current intelligence officials dutifully swear to the validity of the factious collusion knowing full well that they would never be held accountable for their actions. Even now that the totality of the deception is known, not a single senior official has been called to account. This is the swamp in full display.

What Ms. Clinton did or did not do is irrelevant to the current discussion except to understand that the flow of foreign intelligence can be and is routinely manipulated by a cadre of men and women who routinely put their own biases and agendas ahead of their duty to serve those who have been charged with making decisions.

Now bring that forward to the events leading up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr. Putin has long claimed that Ukraine is a part of Mother Russia – almost from the day he took power two decades ago. He made the same claims about Crimea and when he had a weak president, Barack Obama, he invaded, took absolute control and suffered not a single repercussion from Mr. Obama or the other NATO countries – or for that matter the world. And all that while, Mr. Obama, the State Department and the intelligence community preached diplomacy as the tanks began to roll. Time passes and concern apparently does also. However, according to the Washington Post, Mr. Putin began deploying his troops to the border with Ukraine in March of 2021 and later in Belarus. President Joe Biden, with an unbroken history of being wrong on every major foreign policy issue for over four decades accepted the view of the State Department and intelligence community that these were simply planned “war games” with Russian allies and instead mollified Mr. Putin by eliminating the sanctions on the Russian gas pipeline into Europe, Nord Stream 2. Mr. Biden routinely refused requests for weapons and military assistance as being provocative and committed irrevocably to a “diplomatic” course. That form of institutional insanity continued to the very start of the invasion and continues to this day. Ukraine President Volodomyr Zelensky daily requests military and humanitarian assistance. But rather than meet those needs, Mr. Biden has minimized his response in fear of the wrath of Mr. Putin and the start of World War III and/or nuclear war – boogeymen that Mr. Biden, Mr. Binken, the State Department and the intelligence community have trucked out to the great joy of the mainstream media. Every request is parsed, delayed and reduced and while significant amount of military aid now flow into the Ukraine it is there to maintain the battle not to prevent it. Had Mr. Biden wished to detour this unprecedented act of aggression by Mr. Putin, he would have flooded the Ukrainian army with anti-tank and other modern weaponry prior to the invasion – he would have done it publicly and identified all of it as “defensive weapons” and still continued the diplomatic negotiations but dealing from a position of strength rather than weakness. It’s disgusting.

Mr. Zelensky and the Ukrainian military along with partisan guerrillas will likely ultimately drive Russia out of the Ukraine in a war of attrition. However, it won’t be done before Mr. Putin has destroyed the overwhelming majority of Ukraine’s infrastructure, murdered or driven away the majority of its citizens, and destroyed its economy. All because those who controlled the flow of foreign intelligence released only that which supported diplomacy while ignoring the plain truth of the threats of a brutish Mr. Putin.

And despite Mr. Biden’s long list of failures, despite the continuing suffering of the people of the Ukraine, and despite the unchecked reign of terror by Mr. Putin, Mr. Biden still does not have a goal, a plan, or a message about the plight of Ukraine. Instead, he reacts to each new provocation by Mr. Putin.

When history is written, the destruction of Ukraine will be laid first at the feet of Mr. Putin. However, history will also note that Mr. Biden joins former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain as text book examples of appeasement in the face of belligerence. Mr. Chamberlain with Adolph Hitler and Mr. Biden with Mr. Putin. As a result, history may also record this as the pivotal moment when the United States, with Mr. Biden as its president, demonstrated that it was an ally that could not be trusted to aid a beleaguered nation – an infant democracy. And while Great Britain was well rid of Mr. Chamberlain shortly after Hitler invaded Poland, the United States is stuck with Mr. Biden until 2024. Or worse should Mr. Biden resign in disgrace, we are burdened with Vice-President Kalamata Harris, the most deliberately uninformed person to ever hold national political office.

Our prayers today should, in addition to God Bless America, add God Save America. Most certainly, neither Mr. Biden nor the Elis of the State Department will.