Riots resume just ahead of Biden Portland visit

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

This has been a quiet year in Oregon for rioting until last weekend when protesters vandalized a string of businesses and set fire inside a police garage.

This is happening just days before President Joe Biden is planning to visit Portland on Thursday for a positive promotion tour touting his infrastructure bill.

Is this a preview of what is to come this week?  We hope not.

The above banner (photo) was used around the November 2020 election, reminding us all that among the extreme Leftists there is no love for Joe Biden.

After Biden was elected the rioters still were angry.  Below is a photo, showing how anarchists vandalized the Portland Democrat headquarters office, declaring “Biden still a fascist” and “F*ck Biden”.  (that is not a typo, the anarchists did sabotage the Oregon Democrat Party office…twice).



You may remember, that after Biden was elected he quickly appeased the Portland rioters by removing the fence protecting the Federal Courthouse in Portland.  Not only did the  rioters want this fence removed (so they could better destroy and set fire to it) but the City of Portland even fined the Federal Government and even sued them for erecting the fence because it blocked a bike path.   Portland also wanted to show solidarity to the protesters by opposing the fence.

One day after the President removed the fence, protesters firebombed it.   At the time we did this graphic below showing Biden in front of the arson that happened because the fence was removed.


In 2021, anarchists vandalized Portland with messages “No more presidents” and “Eat Joe Biden” as they destroyed several windows and other items downtown.




Following Biden’s Portland visit, he will make a stop in Seattle, another riot happy city.

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