Lars Larson: My hopes for the new year

I hope the new year brings more liberty.

I’m glad that more Americans can keep the money they earn. President Obama’s efforts to raise taxes failed.

I hope Americans get the chance to buy the health insurance they want, through the repeal of ObamaCare.

I hope that the attempt in December to reward law-breaking, criminal illegal aliens with American citizenship will be the last.

Let’s all hope that the new year brings economic growth for Americans and jobs for every jobless citizen.

I hope that 2011 brings a renewed commitment to keep America safe from the radical Islamic terrorism that killed so many.

And, most of all I hope we are grateful for the liberties that we enjoy. I hope that this country that celebrates freedom more than any other acts like that “shining city on the hill” that Ronald Reagan always envisioned.

May God bless the United States of America in this new year and each and every one of your families.

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