Congress $$ race: Erickson, Skarlatos, Skinner lead

By Oregon Campaign Watch

Here is the latest fundraising totals for the most watched Oregon Congressional races as of last reporting period (6/30/22)

Oregon Congressional Race #6

Mike Erickson (R) $1.4 million
Andrea Salinas (D) $1.3 million

Republican nominee Mike Erickson is out fundraising his Democrat opponent State Representative Andrea Salinas. Based on lawn sign observances, Mike Erickson appears to be outperforming her on lawn sign activity as well.

Oregon Congressional Race #4

Alek Skarlatos (R) $2,570,000
Valerie Hoyle (D) $1,156,000

Republican candidate and known anti-terrorist hero, Alek Skarlatos is leading over Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle by almost a million.   Skarlatos has nearly twice the cash on hand as Hoyle.

Oregon Congressional Race #5

Jamie McLeod-Skinner (D) $1,275,000
Lori-Chavez DeRemer (R) $1,123,000

Former city manager Democrat Jamie McLeod-Skinner and former mayor Lori Chazez-DeRemer are the closest tied of the races.  McLeod has doubel the cash on hand as DeRemer.