Lars Larson: Democrat leaders grope blindly in the dark

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host

I certainly hope you’re not sitting in the dark this morning thanks to the power outages utility companies and bad government have forced on us.

And if you think that “bad government” is a bit harsh, consider the last few weeks.

Three weeks ago, California, Oregon and Washington announced they will ban all gas-powered cars in about a dozen years and make you buy electrics.

Two weeks ago, California told residents not to charge battery cars due to power shortages.

One week ago, Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announced that the President sees California as leading the way on energy policy.

If this is leading the way, I’d rather skip this trip.

Two days ago, utilities in Oregon started warning of intentional blackouts likely starting today…and your lights and fridge could be off for a couple of days.

Send that spoiled food bill to Joe Biden and his democrat buddies Kate, Jay and Gavin.

As for your sporty new electric car, if it’s sitting in your garage without enough juice to drive to a working charge station…that’s life’s way of telling you not to elect idiots to office.