No bail for teens who set 36 fires. Deemed no threat

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Two teens who set 36 fires at Mt Tabor park were released without bail.  The judge said the teens were not a threat if they were to be released.

Willamette Week reports, “A probable cause affidavit provided to WW paints a picture of two teenagers seeking no grander objective than thrills.Hares told police he didn’t light the fires himself but was the chauffeur for his friends; he also liked to return to the scene of a fire to watch firefighters put it out. “He admitted to speaking with firefighters and an investigator about some of the fires at the scenes,” the affidavit reads.After he was caught, police instructed Hares to call Perkins.During that conversation, as recounted in the affidavit, Perkins and Hares mutually scolded each other: Hares said Perkins took too long to get in the car, which he said led to its identification, and Perkins “told Hares that he was putting his foot down on a few things such as Hares was not to be on the scene anymore and Hares was not to talk to the Fire Marshal anymore or any firefighters.”

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