Gov. Poll: Drazan 32%. Kotek 31%. Betsy 18%

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Oregonian is reporting a DHM research poll showing that Oregon Governor candidates, Republican Christine Drazan at 32%, Democrat Tina Kotek at 31%, and unaffiliated Betsy Johnson at 18%.

The Oregonian states, “About 32% of likely Oregon voters said they would vote for Drazan if the election were today, while 31% said they would vote for Kotek, according to the poll conducted by Portland firm DHM Research. Betsy Johnson, a longtime Democratic lawmaker who is running unaffiliated, received 18% support.That puts Drazan, the former House Republican leader, and Kotek, the former House Speaker, in a statistical tie for first place given the poll’s margin of error, plus or minus 4%. About 15% of voters remain undecided, while 3% support Libertarian Party candidate R. Leon Noble and 1% plan to vote for Constitution Party candidate Donice Noelle Smith, the poll found. The poll of 600 likely Oregon voters was conducted on Friday and Saturday of last week.The results are a boon for Drazan, who has been able to mount a formidable campaign to become Oregon’s first Republican governor since 1987…”

• You can watch Tuesday night’s Governor’s debate here.

• Tina Kotek is getting desperate as this week she unleashes a TV campaign ad that tries to link Christine Drazan and Betsy Johnson to radical rioters.  Shameless.

• Here is Christine Drazan’s latest video ad “Name one thing…”

• Here is Betsy Johnson’s latest video ad on abortion and crime

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