Kotek hypocrisy: Ad links rivals to riots…riots that her office helped?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon Democratic governor candidate, Tina Kotek, has launched a video ad showing images of January 6th rioters along with images of some Oregon Capitol December 2020 rioters.  It then implies that Kotek’s competitive candidates are part of this chaos, not with any facts, but just by showing the images together.

– Christine Drazan is faulted in the ad for being pro-life. (yet, two pro-life offices were fire bombed in Oregon)

– Betsy Johnson is criticized in the ad for owning a machine gun that is displayed in a museum.

Not only do Christine Drazan and Betsy Johnson have absolutely nothing to do with political violence (they are favored by law enforcement), Tina Kotek is the one candidate more tied to rioting and political violence than any governor candidate.

During the Portland rioters, Kotek’s own staff was arrested at the 100th riot night anniversary.  That night was so violent, that within the first 15 minutes of the protest a man threw a fiery Molotov cocktail at police.  Read what happened her “Kotek staffer arrested at riot

It made international news at the time.


Here are photos of what happened that night Tina Kotek’s top staffer was arrested:



On that night, the Taxpayers Association of Oregon took these photos of threats against police.


More photos and details here.


Kotek’s attempt is not only desperate, it is a sick and twisted attack on anyone who disagrees with her as she labels them politically violent.

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You can get mad at Kotek for wishing to raise property taxes/gas taxes and wishing to ban cars, but we should be even more upset at when she falsely labels anyone who disagrees with her as politically violent and a threat to democracy.   SHARE THIS ARTICLE.   Please call out this terrible attack and come to the defense of both Drazan and Johnson from this ad.


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