Biden and Armageddon

Last week, at a fundraiser held at James Murdoch’s mansion and attended by Democrat heavy weight contributors, President Joe Biden (D) described the current world situation as being on the “brink of nuclear Armageddon.” More particularly he stated that not since the Cuban missile crises in the 60’s has America faced a more serious threat from Russia’s nuclear weapons.

And, as should be expected, those remarks have led to an international uproar and endless speculation in the media – including both the progressive mainstream media and the conservative FOXNews and radio talk shows regarding what prompted Mr. Biden to make such remarks in private which he should have known would almost be immediately leaked to the media. Most of the mainstream progressive media accepted Mr. Biden’s remarks as accurate and speculated about what undisclosed new “intelligence” Mr. Biden might have that triggered his remarks. In contrast FOXNews and conservative talk radio renewed their speculation that Mr. Biden is cognitively challenged and that he did not know what he was talking about.

The “clean-up-in-aisle-three” press briefings the following days confirmed that there was no new “intelligence” but declined to criticize Mr. Biden’s intemperate remarks. This has all been pretty thoroughly hashed and rehashed by all of the media since and so you may be wondering why I’m bringing it up. Well, this will bring clarity as to Mr. Biden’s remarks and the reason that he made them. Stay tuned.

Just a little over three years ago I published a column simply titled Joe Biden: Don’t Blame His Age. Its purpose was to define a shallow, amoral, shiftless, dull and unaccomplished human being. You can be the judge of whether the following accurately portrays Mr. Biden and provides the reason for this latest absurdity:

But the final one was a vivid recollection of an event that never happened. The story as told by Mr. Biden is filled with imagery of battles fought, heroics in battle and capped by his awarding a medal to one of the heroes who refused the medal because he was just doing his job. According to The Washington Post:

Joe Biden painted a vivid scene for the 400 people packed into a college meeting hall. A four-star general had asked the then-vice president to travel to Konar province in Afghanistan, a dangerous foray into ‘godforsaken country’ to recognize the remarkable heroism of a Navy captain.

Some told him it was too risky, but Biden said he brushed off their concerns.

“’We can lose a vice president,’ he said. ‘We can’t lose many more of these kids. Not a joke.’

The Navy captain, Biden recalled Friday night, had rappelled down a 60-foot ravine under fire and retrieved the body of an American comrade, carrying him on his back. Now the general wanted Biden to pin a Silver Star on the American hero who, despite his bravery, felt like a failure.

He said, ‘Sir, I don’t want the damn thing!’ Biden said, his jaw clenched and his voice rising to a shout.  ‘Do not pin it on me, Sir! Please, Sir. Do not do that! He died. He died!’ ”

Dramatic and gut wrenching but just another tall tale by Mr. Biden.

The Washington Post then went on to detail the falsehoods in Mr. Biden’s tale:

Biden visited Konar province in 2008 as a U.S. senator, not as vice president. The service member who performed the celebrated rescue that Biden described was a 20-year-old Army specialist, not a much older Navy captain. And that soldier, Kyle J. White, never had a Silver Star, or any other medal, pinned on him by Biden. At a White House ceremony six years after Biden’s visit, White stood at attention as President Barack Obama placed a Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest award for valor, around his neck.”

In other words not a single thing that Mr. Biden related was true. He was never in Konar as vice-president. The hero was not a Navy captain. Mr. Biden never attempted to award the medal. And the hero never refused the medal.”

So what is Mr. Biden’s motive for doing this? Mr. Biden attempted to make himself the hero of a story that never involved him. His alleged daring in traveling to Konar was designed to demonstrate that he shared bravery with servicemen even though he never was one. This smacks of a similar story told by Hillary Clinton about coming under fire during a landing in Bosnia while Secretary of State – a story fraught with danger in which the hero – Mr. Biden or Ms. Clinton – appears to dismiss danger in pursuit of a higher good. An event that never happened except in the telling of the tales by Ms. Clinton and Mr. Biden. And they all smack of vain attempts to appear as something they are not – brave, noble, self-effacing, tenacious AND youthful. It is the same reason that Mr. Biden promotes himself as intellectually superior when, in fact, he is not.

And that is the point. Mr. Biden’s recent gaffs, plagiarisms and tall tales are not new – not recent – not the signs of aging. He is what he has been for all fifty years of his political life – a phony attempting to disguise himself as a statesman – vain, shallow and running as fast as he can in hopes that no one discovers that “Average Joe” really isn’t even up to being average.

Mr. Biden was just creating another myth. A pretense at knowing something that all the others did not. A scenario in which he stood as a bulwark against Russian hegemony. One wonders whether Mr. Biden used his psuedo-whisper to impart the “secret” concern over Armageddon. If any of the Wall Street bankers, industry titans and hedge fund managers were taken in by Mr. Biden’s “revelations,” their boards of directors and investors should take a hard look at whether these people are too gullible to manage such enormous amounts of wealth.

Mr. Biden hoped to be thought of in the same vain as former President John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crises, but he won’t. The Cuban missile crises was real, Mr. Biden’s ramblings are not. I didn’t know John Kennedy, he wasn’t a friend of mine but I do know Joe Biden and Joe Biden is no John Kennedy. Not by a long shot. Just saying.