Sec. of State approves school choice petition to circulate

Secretary of State authorizes two School Choice citizen initiatives for Oregon

By Education Freedom for Oregon

Oregon K-12 families are now one step closer to education freedom! The Oregon Secretary of State has acknowledged that both of Education Freedom for Oregon’s School Choice Measures satisfy the Oregon constitutional requirements.

Education Freedom for Oregon is bringing School Choice to Oregon to empower Oregon K-12 parents with constitutionally-protected rights to choose the school that best fits the needs of their children and to give parents back their voice in the education of their children.

Education Freedom for Oregon will soon begin collecting 250,000 signatures for each measure to secure both measures’ spot on the November 2024 ballot.
These “of the people, by the people” citizen initiatives are written by Oregon parents for Oregon parents. The measures let parents decide which school setting is best for their children. After the measures pass Oregon K-12 students will have the right to receive education is a setting that fits their needs and aligns with the values of the family. The wider impact will be to improve the Oregon workforce and attract new families and businesses to Oregon. These measures are a “win-win” for students, families and Oregon.

We are about to begin collecting signatures on the two measures to bring School Choice to Oregon.

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Education Freedom for Oregon