Multnomah: Cancel Thanksgiving for families with young kids over RSV

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Multnomah County Health officials are recommending those families with children ages up to 3 years to consider cancelling Thanksgiving.  There is a rise in Respiratory Syncytial Virus cases.  Hospitals can’t handle the rise because Oregon hospitals are over-crowded.

The over-crowding is due to labor shortage as a result…

• Oregon’s push to fire thousands of nurses during the pandemic due to an inflexible/unusually restrictive vaccine policy (only 6 states had such specific policy).
• high hospital taxes and regulations have reduced health care staff (making Oregon one of the worst hospital capacity states in America before the pandemic).
• government paying healthy able-bodied people more to not-work rather than to work is contributing to the labor shortage.
• State government banning employers from offering hiring bonuses.  While places like Montana offer nurses $12,000 (+ plus moving expenses) to come to their hospitals, Oregon kicks them out.
• During the pandemic the Oregon Legislature decided to stash away $1 billion in Covid relief funds into a slush fund for later use, instead of using COVID funds to ease hospital over-crowding.

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