Portland breaks all-time homicide record (again)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A total of 93 people have been killed in Portland in 2022, breaking the previous record of 92 which was accomplished just last year thanks to the liberal idea of de-funding Portland police by $12 million, cutting 100 police positions, pulling police from school security, the District Attorney dropping nearly 1,000 riot related charges, State Lawmakers voting to reduce prison times for many crimes, and Governor Brown releasing 1,000 criminals early.

We still have an entire month left in the year, so the homicide rate will increase.

One of the suspects in the recent deaths involves a suspect who has a 7x criminal record and drug abuse which only serves to confirm what we already know about crime waves — they are committed by criminals who should be in jail and involve drugs.

Most of the 93 deaths involve shootings.  This is ironic since Oregon has some of the nation’s most restrictive gun laws (gun storage laws, red flag laws).  It appears that criminals are not keeping their guns in gun safes as they murder people.  It also appears that criminals are not using red flag laws against each other.

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