Measure 114 gun control hypocrisy on full display

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

This is utter hypocrisy.

Liberals pushed Measure 114 which made illegal many common use rifle and handguns simply because they had room for at least 11 bullets in their magazine.  While liberals are pushing to criminalize legal, safe gun owners trying to protect themselves, these same liberals have done this…

• In 2020, defunded Portland Police by $12 million and 100 positions.  This led to Portland having the greatest spike in homicide (mostly gun violence) rate in the nation.

• In 2020, the liberals pulled Portland police from providing security at schools.  One middle school became to so violent that the principal had to shut the school down for three weeks to regain control.

• In 2020, the liberals disbanded the Portland Gun Violence Reduction Team.   They did this in the name of equity.  But as they did, soon followed was the record breaking crime spike and the victims were mostly minorities.   In the name of equity, these policies led to the greatest death rate increase of minorities in the city’s history.

• Liberal prosecutors are letting hundreds of criminal cases go unprosecuted or delayed — many include criminals illegally possessing firearms.  So liberals are letting ACTUAL criminals with gun crimes go free while creating new regulations that criminalize potentially hundreds of thousands of law abiding Oregonians with Measure 114.

• Liberals cheered Governor Brown’s early and secret release of 1,000 criminals.  Once again, we are letting go criminals out of prison who most likely have misused a firearm — while at the same time sending police resources to go after new Measure 114 laws/permit process to hamstring legal, peaceful Oregon gun owners.

Now we are in 2022.

We have liberals celebrating Biden’s prison exchange of a basketballer in exchange for a imprisoned terrorist and rapist, Victor Bout, who has smuggled tens of thousands of firearms.   Victor was once rated the second most wanted person by the FBI.   Victor is likely the world’s most famous  gun smuggler.   How can liberals be for gun control but turn a blind eye to the world’s worst firearm smuggler?

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We created this graphic during the election to visually showcase the problems behind Measure 114:


Here is a reminder of what Governor Brown did when she released 1,000 criminals out early.


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