Brown pardons traffic tickets for poor, yet forces them to buy costly EV?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Two things the Governor Kate Brown administration did this month.

#1 voided traffic tickets for people who were not paying their traffic fines.   Brown said traffic tickets are too costly, people cannot afford them  and failure to pay means license suspension.   So she simply voided the tickets.

#2. Mandated that all gas car sales be banned in 2035.  Governor Brown’s DEQ mandated that all gas car sales be banned in 2035.  Therefore people will only be able to buy electric vehicles which cost on average $60,000.

If someone can’t pay a $300 traffic fine, then how are they going to pay for a $60,000 electric vehicle?

Imagine how costly electric vehicles will become when you force demand, and supply is limited by rare earth materials used to build electric vehicles?

State Government is creating its own problems and using more failed intervention as a solution.  How long will this last?

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