Supporting Waffle House Wendy in worker abuse era

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A lone cook, Wendy, had to cook for nearly 30 people at an Austin, Texas Waffle House.   That right there alone speaks volumes of the labor shortage and what many hard-working employees have to endure.

A few drunk people came in and started a fight.

This is not unique to Austin Texas.   Oregon has it own share of rude people starting brawls — not to mention watching Portland’s small business community endure a wave of hostile homeless, meth addicts and occasionally nude vagrants from people tragically suffering from mental health problems.  Below is what made news in just 40 day period in Portland.

Portlanders should feel an affinity for Wendy.

Waffle Hosue Wendy was interviewed on Tucker Carlson.

I encourage you to watch her story below and remember what many employees have to put up with.

In this environment, people should consider raising their tips from 20% to 25% or 30%. Many servers deserve it.

Here is Waffle House Wendy’s new Twitter page and her efforts to have an audience and a voice.

Here is a bonus Waffle House Wendy meme.

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