During egg crisis, liberals boycott Fred Meyer eggs

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

An animal welfare organization placed a full page advertisement in the nation’s largest newspaper, Wall Street Journal, asking everyone to boycott Kroger and their affiliates (Fred Meyer mentioned in the ad at the bottom).   The boycott is over egg policy during a national egg shortage where an avian influenza has killed or impacted over 57 million chickens causing wide spread shortages and price spikes.


This is on top of an existing inflation increase crisis, labor shortage, supply chain crunch and 2022 recession impacts.



Kroger/Fred Meyer previously agreed to move away from small containment facilities for chickens.   It appears that the chain is accessing chickens wherever possible in a national shortage in order to meet demands for customers and avoid empty shelves.

The boycott leader, Mercy for Animals, faults Kroger/Fred Meyer for their change and is making full use of it.

This reflects the tenuous deal making companies make with political organizations not forecasting the future.

What are your thoughts?

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