Barb wire on cars to stop theft

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon ranks as the 6th biggest auto catalytic converter theft state in America.  Yet, we are among the only few states with anti-catalytic converter laws blocking the sale of catalytic converter.   It doesn’t matter as thieves just steal the converters in Oregon (because of our soft-on-crime induced crime wave) and sell them in otehr states.

Now some are putting barb wire on their cars to block such theft.


Just a few weeks a Bend man was caught with 28,000 stolen catalytic converters.

Last summer a 45,000 catalytic converter theft ring was busted in Lake Oswego.


The number one theft spot is the Portland airport parking lot.

Despite knowing where the thieves steal the converters, officials have been lackluster at catching them.   The Portland airport just spent nearly a half-billion in upgrades and beautification projects (paid by airline taxes/fees), but is not properly spending money on actual security to stop one of the biggest catalytic converter theft spots in the nation happening on their property.

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