Full page tolling ad push biased survey, fake feedback

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Sunday Oregonian newspaper (2/26/23) featured a full page advertisement by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

The ad asks for feedback but only sells the benefits and does not mention the costs.  You can see the ad for yourself as it promotes “Become earthquake ready, reduce congestion, improve safety”.

If you read the ODOT website for which the ad linsk to — it does not mention how much it will cost drivers!

The ODOT feedback website does not even estimate a single $ of costs to the driver.   They plan to implement it next year and are secretive on how much everyone will pay.

The ODOT feedback website does not even fully explain where the tolls may actually be (for instance, it even says it is unknown on whether the I-5 bridge and Glenn Jackson Bridge).

How can the public offer feedback if the cost it unknown and the total numbers of tolls is unknown?

The ad say it will reduce congestion, but how will it reduce congestion if the project shows no sign of additional long distance lanes? no new express ways? no new bypasses?

Finally, the ODOT feedback website says it is needed because ODOT is $500 million behind.  How is this so when Oregon has the nation’s top 10 highest gas tax and top 10 auto fees?   Oregon has a statewide transit payroll tax that does not exist in most states.  Where is our nationally high transportation taxes going?

Why can’t the billions sent to Oregon from Biden’s Infrastructure Act be used for safety upgrades and earthquake preparedness?   Why bother have Congress spend $1.2 trillion on infrastructure if Americans can’t actually use the money?

People should go to the website and register their opinion and also share it with their lawmaker ASAP.

The fact that this full page ad it out is a sign that the public is angry and ODOT knows it.

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