PDX mayor duels Texas Gov. over Walmart

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Texas Governor Greg Abbot said that Walmart closing all of it Portland stores, “This is what happens when cities refuse to enforce the rule of law. It allows the mob to take over. Businesses can’t operate in it”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler replied “Governor Abbott, are the dozens of Walmart stores that have closed in Texas in recent years all communities that ‘refuse to enforce the rule of law?’ The retail industry is changing and retail theft is a national issue,”

It is important to note, that Portland has a declining population while Texas had the fastest growing state in America in 2020, and Portland was rated the nation’s highest homicide rate increase city in America in 2022.  Texas was recently rated the fastest growing economy.

Crime is so bad in Portland that NIKE had to shut one its most visible stores due to non-stop shoplifting and was unable to hire off-duty police to help stop the theft wave because none could be found.    Even though NIKE was willing to dump as much money on its store to save it — it simply couldn’t.

Don’t forget Ted Wheeler tried to pass a law boycotting Texas by forbidding any City travel there.

We did a cartoon on that (in case you forgot).

We do not wish to down-talk our own beloved Portland, but geez, if politicians can’t admit we have a crisis on our hands it won’t get fixed.   Walmart is leaving Oregon because of crime and a decade of business bashing specifically targeting Walmart by Portland politicians.

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