Chart: Oregon Covid overkill on display

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Last year to the month we published this chart showing how Oregon was among the last four states to have a statewide mask rule.

Governor Brown, at he time, set the date to fully re-open maskless for April, but then felt pressure by California going maskless earlier, so then-Governor Kate Brown made the “science based” decision to lift the mask rule before Oregon’s Spring Break.

This was just like how Governor Brown lifted the outdoor mask rule just before the Oregon/OSU Civil War game.

Since we are talking Covid charts, our favorite is this one showing that Oregon was among only four states that had a vaccinate-or-be-fired mandate.

Most states had no such mandate and those that did were more flexible.

It turned out that this mandate drove nurses out of hospitals and sometimes out-of-state and created a massive labor shortage that exists to this day.


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