Repeal Eugene natural gas ban makes ballot

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

NW Natural gas has backed the Eugene Residents for Energy Choice which has placed on the ballot a measure to give Eugene citizens the right to natural gas after the City banned natural gas for installation for new home construction.

This is a big issue as environmentalist have passed various natural gas bans in 100 cities.

KGW TV Reports, “The utility raises two primary points in its opposition to the ordinance. First, they cite a 2022 poll, conducted on their behalf, showing that 70% or Eugene residents polled “oppose a ban on new natural gas hookups in all homes and buildings.”…The second point Northwest Natural — and representatives of Eugene Residents for Energy Choice — raise comes from a set of slides displayed at a city work session on the ordinance from July of 2022. In it, a pie chart shows residential natural gas emissions in 2037 as 0.1% of the city’s total.”

NW Natural Gas has donated nearly $900,000 in various help to the group putting the measure on the ballot.

Remember, Oregon Governor just installed a natural gas generator in the Governor’s mansion (our article).  Something that is harder to do in Eugene for others in certain circumstances.

Oregon has better things to do than to create natural gas police as this satire below shows.

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