Bill lets homeless sue ($1,000) if they feel harassed

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

House Bill 3501 allows homeless to sue pedestrians, business owners, police or government if they feel harassed.

Newsweek reports, “A newly proposed law in Oregon would allow the homeless to sue municipalities for as much as $1,000 per violation as part of a new initiative to decriminalize homelessness. Sponsored by Beaverton-area Democratic Representative Farrah Chaichi, House Bill 3501—otherwise known as the “Right to Rest Act”—would allow anyone experiencing homelessness to use public spaces in “the same manner as any other person” without discrimination for their housing status, including the right to a reasonable expectation of privacy even if they are living in a public space. Those experiencing homelessness would also be protected from “harassment, citation or arrest” by local police, public or private security personnel, or even employees of local governments…Those found in violation of the law would be subject to compensatory damages or $1,000 per violation, “whichever is greater,” along with a civil penalty in the amount of $1,000.”

Homeless in Portland have (1) cut down trees (2) trespassed on private property (3) started all kinds of fires (4) broke numerous noise and nuisance laws (5) engaged in open air drug use and left mountains of garbage on sidewalks and on people’s lawns … and lawmakers want them to sue you if they are inconvenienced.

There is a hearing May 4th.  Contact your lawmaker.

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