27 school walk out to oppose oil

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Fresh off of a Student Walk out of class on April 5th to protest for more gun control, now comes the April 21st student walk out where hundreds of students again skipped class.

The message on the flyers was to condemn and close the Zenith pipeline which provides fuel to Portland.   The chants also included “Deny the permit, condemn the pipeline!” and “Climate change is not a lie, do not let our planet die!”


The Portland Climate Strike website shows that these students feel that worldwide catastrophe is soon and eminent.


Past signs on their website, as seen below, show “You’ll die of old age. I’ll die of Climate change” and “Why the f*ck should we study, if there is no future?”



Their website also features a man in black-bloc which is the uniform for anarchist and Antifa which are famous for their wanton violence, arson and rioting.



Liberals have been pushing for many class walk-outs for various political causes.

We assembled this chart:


The message from these students reflects what others are saying like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who say we only have 10 years left to stop things or the world will perish/become unlivable.

If I was a student and I believed this, I too would be fully engaged and unbridled in my activism.

I do think these students deserve better science, better voices and better alternatives towards a healthier world.   Our students won’t hear such messages until we take time to listen to them first and let them have their say and share their thoughts.   Listening between generations is dramatically becoming extinct.  yet, it is the only way constructive change will happen.

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