Senate GOP walk out protest over Dem rule violation

By NW Spotlight,

KEZI reports, “On May 3, several senators, most of them Republican, did not show up to the morning floor session in the capital. Seven other legislators were excused from the session. Without these congresspeople, the Senate could not reach quorum, meaning no work could be done…Senate Republicans claim their walk-out was staged in protest of the behavior of Senate President Rob Wagner (D – Lake Oswego), who Republicans claim knowingly violated Senate rules and the Oregon Constitution. Senate Republicans said that on May 1 they pointed out several bills were too poorly-worded to be understood by ordinary citizens who do not work in government, and thus were not compliant with government regulations including part of the Oregon Constitution. According to Republicans, Wagner ruled that the bills did in fact comply with those rules but did not provide sufficient reasoning to support that ruling.”

Senate GOP Leader Tim Knopp was quoted, “Let’s be clear – [Senate President] Wagner’s ruling was inappropriate, unjustified, and unlawful. It unequivocally violates Senate Rules, Oregon’s Constitution, and Oregon statute. We will not sit by and allow these actions without consequence. Since the beginning of the Session, I have argued that Wagner is untrustworthy, deeply partisan, and lacks the necessary skills to run the Senate in a bipartisan fashion. That has been proven true every step of the way, and his behavior this week may be the clearest demonstration yet.”