Famous Oregon brand closes all 8 shops (75 years gone)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Here is more bad news for Oregon.  We have already reported that David’s Bridal is closing all Oregon stores, Cracker Barrel is closing all but one Oregon store and Oregon’s own Hot Lips pizza chain is closing most of its stores.

Even though it has been a well-known Oregon brand for 75 years, the much beloved Oregon auto shop Knecht’s auto parts can’t stay in business in this environment.

Now they are closing all 8 stores (Famous auto shop closing) and laying off dozens of employees.

This is what their website looks like right now.


The store was unable to compete with national online businesses that sold the same product.

This is an extremely important lesson for Oregon.

Our leaders continue to hammer small businesses with higher taxes, fees and red tape.  It makes our local businesses unable to compete with others.

• Oregon has higher business taxes than most states.
• Oregon has higher business fees than most states.
• Oregon has higher gas taxes than most states.
• Oregon is among the highest minimum wage states in the nation.
• Oregon is among the few states to ban hiring bonuses
• Oregon has one of the nation’s most expensive paid sick leave laws.
• Oregon has one of the nation’s most expensive paid medical leave laws.
• Oregon is one of the only states that taxes businesses when they do not make a profit.
• Oregon was among the final four states to end Covid restrictions on businesses.
• Oregon was among the few states that raised taxes on businesses during the pandemic.
• Oregon bans store products that are freely available in other states.
• Oregon under-funds both police, prosecutors and jail spaces = more crime hitting businesses
• Oregon has reduced prison times for thousands of criminals = more crime hitting businesses
• Oregon paid people to not work more than to work (when other states said no).
• Oregon has allowed people to stay on food stamps (and not work) longer than most states
• Oregon is among the few states with urban growth land-locks blocking new land for business development.
• Oregon politicians and activist like to blame businesses or other non-Oregon related causes for when they go bankrupt.

Now imagine states where most of those 17 factors mentioned above are in reverse — how do you expect Oregon small shops to compete with those states?

If Oregon values family leave laws and a high minimum wage, then give small businesses the lower taxes and less red tape to meet those goals.

How can small businesses compete when Oregon outlaws hiring bonuses but other states are offering up to $20,000 hiring bonuses for teachers and nurses?

How can small business survive when a place like Knecht’s gets higher taxes at the same time Oregon gives tax breaks to Amazon their competitor?

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