Police arrest alligator in drive-way (photo)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Here is another reasons to love and appreciate your local law enforcement. Grants Pass police helped detain a wandering alligator last week.

Grants Pass police report, “Early Monday morning a citizen reported an alligator in her driveway. Yes, that’s right, an alligator. Officers arrived at the scene and confirmed the report. There was indeed an gator at the driveway. Considering the proximity to children boarding the bus for school, it was decided the reptilian should be apprehended. Using life lessons learned from Steve Irwin and Coyote Peterson, officers utilized a catch pole and tape to subdue the creature and restrained its jaws. Oregon State Police were contacted and will be forwarding the case to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.We would like to remind folks that keeping such an animal, unless you operate a facility licensed to provide care for such animals, is prohibited in the city of Grants Pass (GP Municipal Code 5.04.020).”
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