DUII coordinator caught protecting drunk drivers

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The number one job of government is to protect public safety.  But apparently the Oregon Health Authority’s DUII Service Coordinator thinks her job is protecting intoxicated drivers.

The Oregonian reports:
“In a blistering 20-page ruling, (Washington County) Judge Brandon M. Thompson held the state agency and its driving-under-the-influence-of intoxicants coordinator, Marisha Elkins, in contempt for ‘intentionally interfering with the court’s ‘lawful authority’ to obtain urinalysis results and treatment details as allowed under Oregon law …He wrote that it was “without question” that Elkins had “intentionally resisted and obstructed this court’s authority” and made clear that she risks five days in jail for each future attempt to undermine the court. He said the health authority also faced a $10,000 fine for each future obstruction.”

The Clackamas County Circuit Court also accused Elkins of interfering with their ability to obtain information on DUII drivers.

This soft on crime attitude is trending among many Oregon public officials who want to protect criminals instead of enforcing the law.

Maybe Elkins is following the lead of former Governor Kate Brown who released over 1,000 prison inmates early as we reported here, or Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler whose lax enforcement of the law has led to Portland’s sky-high homicide and car theft rates.

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