Shock Map: What 1000 stolen cars/month looks like

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The map above shows where car thefts have occurred, sometimes multiple hits in a single location.

Portland had suffered as much as a 1,000 stolen cars a month last year.

This comes after state politicians reduced the penalties for car theft, ID theft and property theft in 2017.   This also comes after Governor Brown released 1,000 criminal ealry (soemtiems by having secret Zoom meetings with prisoners before she secretly commuted their sentence)

So overwhelming, that police do not even respond to car thefts calls.

KGW-TV reported a heartbreaking story of a couple moving to Portland who had their moving van and all their important belongings stolen.  Below is a picture of the van that was stolen and the victim.

KGW-TV reports on the victim, “We got here last night thinking, here we are, we are almost to Portland. We are close enough. This is where we want to be, we don’t want mess with city traffic and all that. We will get up in the morning and will be able to take the truck over to the house and start unloading our stuff,” Beltz explained. Those plans were put on pause after she noticed the truck and trailer had vanished when she woke up to check around 1 a.m. Thursday. “We couldn’t really believe it,” she recalled. “Are we groggy, are we dreaming? And then it really sunk in.”… Beltz said nearly everything she owned was inside the truck and trailer: furniture, clothes, valuables, sporting equipment and sentimental items, such as family photos, personal artwork and a handmade wool-braided rug, among many other items.”

This crime spree is wrecking havoc on ordinary innocent people in Oregon.


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