Oregon law to force out Jeep dealers

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Wall Street Editorial Board recently spoke on Jeep dealers (non EV) may be reducing their inventory in states that have extremely restrictive car emission mandates like Oregon and California.

WSJ states, “If You Like Your Jeep, You soon won’t be able to buy one, thanks to California’s EV mandate. California’s ban on new gas-powered cars doesn’t take effect until 2035, but its harmful effects are already appearing. Chrysler-parent Stellantis plans to reduce shipments of gas-powered cars to states that have adopted California’s emissions rules. Stellantis recently warned auto dealers that “we may be compelled to allocate fewer conventional gasoline engine vehicles to California states,” including New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Maryland, Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, Virginia and New Mexico.“In some circumstances, we may be compelled to allocate more electrified powertrain vehicles to California states” to “comply with the more stringent standards being enforced in the California States,” the Stellantis memo says. A Delaware dealer told the Delaware Business Times that Stellantis said he won’t receive regular shipments of popular Jeep gas-powered models because his state has adopted California’s emissions standards. But Stellantis will make available electric SUV models that are $20,000 more expensive…As other auto makers follow, the invariable result will be shortages of gas-powered cars and higher prices in California and copy-cat states. Americans could buy gas-powered cars in other states—until they disappear everywhere because of the Biden Administration’s de facto EV mandate.”

This means Oregon will continue to have one of the highest gas prices in America, while sitting in one of the highest traffic jam places in America, while having less choices to buy the vehicle you need.

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