Stop the cell tax

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

6/26 update: The cell-tax bill passed House and Senate.   No need to call your lawmaker.

In the final 50 hours of the Legislature, lawmakers are rushing out a costly cell tax HB 2757-B.

The $50 million a biennium tax is slated to fund the state’s new 9-8-8 suicide prevention hotline but, as State Representative E. Werner Reschke eloquently noted in his testimony before the committee, 44 other states have thus far funded their call centers WITHOUT adding a new tax on consumers.

Core government services like these shouldn’t come with an extra tax on consumers. They should be funded like other emergency and public safety services — from general fund revenues.  That’s probably why only five other states have enacted new taxes to fund 9-8-8 service.  And not a single one of them has a tax as costly as the monthly $.50 per phone line that Oregon legislators want to enact.

The legislation, HB 2757-B, is sponsored by 25 Democratic legislators and it’s not surprising that the tax is also far more than the program actually requires. Representative Reschke noted in his submitted testimony that a tax of $.03, not $.50, should suffice to cover basic costs of the 9-8-8 hotline.

#1. Call/Email your Senator below and tell them No cell phone tax.  No HB 2757-B.

#2. If you do not know who your State Senator is, go to this website and type in your address

#3. There is only the final 48 hours of this weekend to do this.  This cell tax is ∗ nearly 500% over-cost * should be paid with existing cell-tax funds like other states.

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