2 GOP House officers step down from leadership

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

The Oregonian reported, “While the Senate drew attention for its long, hostile walkout, the House Republican caucus also experienced a behind-the-scenes crisis Thursday. Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis of Albany resigned from her role as deputy Republican leader and Rep. E. Werner Reschke of Medford resigned as whip. It’s unclear why. Spokespersons for each lawmaker declined to say when contacted by The Oregonian/OregonLive. Both resigned, however, on the same day that they skipped the House vote on the controversial reproductive healthcare bill that had been central to Senate Republicans’ walkout. The amended bill passed.”

Shelly Boshart Davis’ Facebook posted this message Saturday night, “On the eve of Sine Die, after a controversial vote on a housing bill, I find myself sitting at my desk on the House Floor after everyone has left. And I’m struck with the same feeling again watching the hustle and bustle of the Clerk’s staff do their paperwork and tidy up for the evening, janitorial staff doing their job keeping everything beautiful, and the Serjeant at Arms lining everything up, keeping up with decorum and tradition. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about being struck with the awe and the impressive and heavy responsibility we have after a tough and heavily debated vote. It is crazy though, that the things we vote on changes the lives of Oregonians – for better and worse. The competing feelings of responsibility as we push our “yes” or “no” buttons… and then seconds later walk off the Floor laughing and going on with our lives. I guess we call that life? But, I do appreciate the reminder constantly of what I – we – do in this building matters.”

One of Representative’s E. Werner Reschke’s most recent posts was mentioning the walk-out protest and the rule of law violations in the State Capitol.

Some lawmakers on the Senate side have continued the walkout in protest over the highly controversial HB 2002 bill.