Kotek considers Special Legislative Session

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


When KGW-TV asked Oregon Governor Tina Kotek on whether she would call lawmakers back into a Special Session she indicated that she would not rule that out.

Soon after, the Willamette Week ran this scathing headlined article.

Clearly Oregon Governor Tina Kotek has been caught off guard.

Last week she found 300 bills on her desk and appealed to the public to help her decide on which ones to accept or veto.

Governor Kotek is following in Governor Brown’s footsteps.    Under Gov. Brown, she was very hands-off on the Legislature, and then afterwards would host a Special Legislative Session to highlight a particular bill or two to get in the newspaper headlines again and appear like an action governor.


One of Kotek’s chief bills (relaxing land-use laws to increasing housing) was rejected by the Legislature.

This will not sit well.

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