Media politically attacks tiny film that toppled Disney blockbuster

By Jason Williams,

Williams is a writer, researcher and founder of the Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A big culture war battle just occurred at the box office .. and the big guys lost.

The big guys lost to a well meaning true-story film about heroism.

Yet, some in the more liberal leaning media are smearing the film as too “controversial” and labeling it as secretive “right-wing” plot.

The film Sound of Freedom is a true story about a man, Tim Ballard who left his job at Homeland Security, to rescue kids from human trafficking.

The rights to the story were originally owned by media-giant Disney, buy they soon tossed it away.

Angel Studios picked up the film and made it for a tiny budget of $14 million dollars.

That $14 million is HALF the budget size of the average film.   It had little chance of success.

There wasn’t enough early film producers willing to help finance the film, so the makers went to the public and were able to get 7,000 people to donate in various ways to make the film happen.   Some of the donations went to pay for free advanced tickets for people to see the film who couldn’t afford it.

Five days before the film came out, Disney released their biggest film of the year, Indiana Jones #5 and the Dial of Destiny.   It cost nearly $300 million to make, and estimated another $100 million for promotion, making it around $400 million dollars.  It is one of the most expensive films ever made.   As I previously wrote in my article, 7 reasons to boycott Indiana Jones #5, this Disney film was polluted by progressive politics, hero bashing, blatant Hollywood greed, and gutter level ethics (completely inappropriate for a film marketed to youth).

On July 4th, the smaller $14 million budget film Sound of Freedom made $14 million in one day and even out-performed Indiana Jones on that very important holiday high-attendance day.


It shocked everyone.

A $14 million film beat out a $300 million film!

An almost “no-promotion” budget film beat out a $100 million promotional budget film.

Because the film has a small faith-theme and because the lead actor is a conservative, it didn’t take long for the media to attack the film.

The very progressive Guardian newspaper attacked the people backing this film “Following that money leads back to a more unsavory network of astroturfed boosterism among the far-right fringe, a constellation of paranoids …”

Other media have attacked it because the hero in the film has criticized the open-border crisis at the Southern Border for contributing to human trafficking.   This is a known fact that our border is exploited by human traffickers.   I went to the border myself with a former Border agent and learned this first hand.

Other media outlets criticize the film and its lead actor as “controversial”.

As of 7/6 the film has earned a very high 88% score among professional film critics.   So, the film is (1) enjoyed by critics (2) based on a true story and (3) it tackles an extremely important topic of child trafficking for which we all agree upon, and that is NOT ENOUGH to please the politically liberal-leaning media. To extreme Leftists, everything is political, and you can never give credit to people you do not like — even if their cause is right.

If you want to see more inspirational heroism in film and less liberal trash — then please vote with your wallet and see this film ASAP.

Your money helps fuel which entertainment media companies speak to our children.