Help us finish this Oregon cartoon

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Dear faithful Oregon Catalyst readers,

Please send us your thoughts. The Taxpayers Association of Oregon is working on the ultimate Oregon homeless cartoon info-graphic that shows all the free stuff that taxpayers pay for homeless.

Right now our graphic has many, but we know there is so much more.

Our toon includes; free crack pipes, free drug tin foil slabs, free clothes, free tents, free tarps, free junk food (food stamps), free chapstick, free phone service, free cash (gift cards) and reduced pot prices (thanks to millions of city tax dollars awarded exclusively to pot shops).

What are we missing?

Please tell us.

Taxpayers who foot this bill deserve to know ALL of the FREE STUFF they are paying for.

Email us your thoughts or leave a message on Facebook.

After collecting your input we will finish our graphic.   But it won’t be complete without you.

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