First government run RV homeless park a dud

(photo: KGW-TV)
By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

KGW-TV has a superb story about Portland’s first government created RV vehicle park for homeless.

Despite having lots of leads, the park remains half full.

Yet,as KGW notes, there is a massive line of homeless RV camped across the street from the government run shelter as seen below.

There appears to be more homeless campers across from the government shelter than in the shelter.

The problem is that government officials and shelter workers cannot convince the homeless RV owners to move into the new shelter despite all the free services they provide.   The chief reason being that the homeless do not like having to live under the rules that the government run shelter requires.

This is exactly what the Discovery Institute found out when they interviewed Washington homeless people and why they choose to reject free hotel room shelters that taxpayers are paying for.    The homeless simply do not want what the government is giving away.


The other problem is that government is giving away so much free stuff to the homeless on the street, that there is no reason to move into a shelter.  Government hand-outs are working against each other.   One Portland woman summed up her experience below that went viral.

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