Cartoon: All the homeless free stuff your taxes pay for

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

As the graphic above shows, taxpayers are completely subsidizing every part of a homeless person’s life — including the worst parts.

Multnomah County has given out 22,000 new tents and 69,000 free tarps. Some neighbors complained of having brand new tents, still-in-their-box, being dumped on their yard.

Portland defunded police by 100 positions and then created the Street Response Task Force to send social workers to handle calls previously responded by police. These City workers handed out free clothes and cigarettes to homeless.

The County annually gives out 5.5 million free needles and has budgeted for 55,000 free crack pipes and 90,000 crack foils as well as free chapstick and free crack straws. Homeless can use food stamps to buy almost every junk food item in the store (Oreos, chips, pork rinds, ice cream) as well as steak and lobster.   Oregon has extended welfare benefits longer than the average state, so Oregon homeless can wait longer before looking for a job.

Multnomah gave out free $500 cash-loaded debit cards freely to homeless to spend on whatever they wished. Portland helped lower the price of marijuana by giving millions of tax dollars exclusively to local pot shops as economic stimulus funds.

Portland also hands out free $50 business gift cards to the public (anyone) to use at participating businesses that sell new jewelry, accessories, leather goods and other such items.

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