Teacher strike may hit in October

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Since it was reported recently that a no-school November strike was likely to happen, we now see reports of a strike happening earlier in October and no advancement in talks.

OPB reports, “PPS Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero sent a message to parents Friday warning of a possible teacher strike next month. Guerrero emphasized that the district wants to reach an agreement with the teachers without reaching that point….According to a summary on the PPS website, a strike would not only cancel classes, but would likely affect athletics, child care, performing arts and other extracurricular activities, as well as assistance with students’ college applications.“If we cannot reach an agreement over the coming weeks, it could result in a strike later this fall, leading to school closures as early as the fourth week of October. If schools close, limited essential supports (e.g. meals) will still be available to students,” Guerrero said in his message.The Portland Association of Teachers’ latest brief, posted to the union website Thursday, sounded a skeptical note about the direction of bargaining.“It is clear the District does not want to bargain with us in any meaningful way about the issues most critical to educators and students,” the union wrote.”

A teacher strike by Portland Public Schools would be devastating to Oregon students who already are behind due to Covid and additionally a year behind other state who opened earlier during the pandemic.

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