3 Dogs treated for fentanyl (2nd-hand crack smoke part 3)

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon


KGW-TV reports that DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Northwest Portland has seen dogs being hospitalized for fentanyl “In the past few weeks, they’ve treated three dogs who overdosed on fentanyl. At least one picked it up from the sidewalk.“It may be they actually ate the product or they ate some bodily fluids from somebody who ingested it recently,” Payne said. The vets were able to save them with Narcan.”

(Part#2) The Taxpayers Association previously reported Portland bus and light-rail trains tested for meth residue. “In a study of Portland’s public transit system 100% of the Tri-Met light rail trains tested had methamphetamine in the air and on train surfaces.  Fentanyl and cocaine were also found at a lower rate. In a letter describing the testing conducted by the University of Washington poison center, Executive Director Dr. Scott Phillips said, “The UW Study highlights the crisis that communities across the Pacific Northwest and the country are facing – an epidemic of opioid and stimulant use.  Our communities must work to address the drivers of substance use and to support and provide help to those with substance use disorders to reach long-term recovery.”

(Part #1) We also reported on how employers are complaining of workers being hit with second-hand crack smoke causing contact highs and illnesses.

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