Kotek, call a special session (fewer secret sessions).

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

This summer, Kotek held a behind-closed-door meeting with elected officials and some community leaders to discuss how to fix the Portland problem and how to spend as much as $250 million in new spending proposals.  Also, this summer, Kotek’s behind-closed-doors panel on how to reform our prisons has started.   Kotek has been began a listening tour across Oregon, but only few select people are invited and the public has no idea that the Governor was in town until she has left.

Enough with the secret meetings.

It is time for a Special Session and get business done in the light.

Portland passed a ban on outdoor drug use, but for some reason, the ban can’t go into effect until the State Legislature passes a State law allowing it.   So, there is no need to meet in secret to fix the Portland problem, you can do it right now by assembling the Legislature and come to the rescue of Portland’s drug crisis and passing the law to ban public drug use.  While the lawmakers gather, they can also use the time to consider funding the victims fund that lawmakers forgot to fund on their speedy exit of the Capitol.

Since it was recently announced that more people are leaving Portland, maybe we should act now rather than later for these fixes.  The County jail says it is millions behind and may have to start releasing criminals this fall.   The transportation department graffiti removal program says they just ran out of money too.

Since, people are leaving Portland and Oregon, now would be a good time to make Oregon affordable again by cutting taxes.  Roughly 25 states have cut taxes, why not Oregon?  That can be done in a Special Legislative Session.

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