Open debate: Lars surprises with take on school violence fix

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Radio host, Lars Larson, is one of the last remaining town hall spaces in Oregon where people can debate and challenge ideas.

Last Wednesday, Lars took on the Hazelbrook school fight video controversy by tackling the issue of cell-phones in schools. (see audio link at 1:23ish mark)

Lars noted that France and England banned cell phones in school because they are a distraction.  But Lars took a different tact by saying America should not ban cell-phones in schools.  Lars noted that cell phones and their cameras and their recording ability are essential to documenting the failure and problems of our public schools. Lars said that if your student sees indoctrination in the classroom your kid should record it.  One student captured the teacher basically saying to her students “don’t share what I am saying to your parents”.

On one hand you have students using cell-phones in class and using cell-phones to record their criminal behavior, and on the other hand it allows students to document problems in the school.  Many people called in the show to debate him, including a husband of a teacher who says phones in school are an extreme problem.

Where do you stand?

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