Oregonian warns about Hindus, Christians

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

We love The Oregonian and want balanced media to succeed in Oregon, but sometimes the media paves a path to chaos.

On October 4th, The Oregonian online ran a commentary article warning people about political extremism in Hinduism (India) and Christianity (America).

The article states, “Hindu nationalism in India and Christian nationalism in the US. These two growing, violent political movements fueled by the vilification of the other pose a serious threat to democracy”

The article is correct about acknowledging political violence in India and in America.

Yet, of all the political violence in Oregon, why did The Oregonian choose an article that singles out Christians?

The last we checked; it was Leftists that rioted for 100 days straight in Oregon.

They effectively did tens of millions of damages to local businesses. They twice set a courthouse afire from the inside with people in the building. They set fire the Portland Mayor’s condo with people sleeping inside.

They left messages everywhere openly calling people to “Kill cops”, “Kill lawmakers”, “Hang landlords”, “Kill the press”, “Kill kids” and “Kill the Supreme Court”.

When did conservative groups flood a city with “kill” messages.

The Oregonian continued to call these rioters antifascists or racial justice protesters when they clearly were not. Mostly the rioters were anarchists because that is what they believed, that was they said in their speeches, that is how they acted, that is what they spray painted a hundred times on our walls and in case you didn’t get the message that “Anarchy” message was the title of their flyers and booklets they handed out during riots.

The other group of rioters who called themselves “anti-fascists” adopted every thug tactic of fascism — like openly beating bloody any Oregonian bystander who disagreed with them. Journalists were stabbed and hospitalized in Portland.

Here is Andy Ngo;

A KATU-TV reporter was attacked

An entire 10-block area in Portland was taken over and occupied by masked people with long guns who erected 10 foot-tall barriers of garbage and spikes to keep others out.

These self-described “anti-fascists” tormented neighbors in this occupied Portland zone and beat back police for several days on end. Never in the history of reading The Oregonian did we witness such a violent and unworthy group such as the anti-fascists being awarded such favorability.

The Oregonian called some of these rioters “racial justice” protesters.

Then why did “racial justice” protestors destroy buildings with Black Lives Matter signs?

Why did “racial justice” protestors vandalize Black Lives Matter memorials?

Why did “racial justice” protestors vandalize black-and-minority owned shops?

Why did “racial justice” protestors vandalize the statue of Black-pioneer hero York the Explorer?

Other Leftist groups with different political beliefs have been just as extreme.

Last year, the Portland Democratic Socialist Party held a rally. Both the speaker and sign wavers called everyone to burn things down. By nightfall people began, in fact, committing arson. The Taxpayers Association of Oregon was among the only people in Oregon to report these violent political acts.

The “Land back” and indigenous rights wing of Leftism also rioted in Portland. They tore down the Statue of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt in a single night.

Then they tried to set the Oregon Historical Museum on fire.  They scrawled “End America” on their women’s suffrage mural.

When this happened, The Oregonian gave generous article space to explain all the “legitimate” reasons the rioters gave for being disappointed with President Abraham Lincoln and President Teddy Roosevelt. That Oregonian post-statue toppling article sent a message to everyone statewide that if you commit extreme criminal acts and do it in the name of liberal politics the state’s largest newspaper will generously repeat your top talking points.

(added note, during the 2018 protest over immigration, immigration rights rioters took over a street block for several days similar to when rioters took over a street block in 2020 This means violently taking over neighborhoods is now an approved political trend).

Leftist upset at the Supreme Court ruling on abortion sabotaged six different pregnancy centers across the state.

Here are five of them:

Another Leftist group of animal rights activists have sabotaged and vandalized research centers in Oregon.

Another Leftist group of extreme environmentalists have sabotaged timber facilities. During the Carbon Tax debate, two different business non-profits had their offices vandalized.  Pro-Environmentalist students protest in Portland with violent messages like “burn politicians.” Just a few days ago, the Forestry Museum was brazenly vandalized for daring to host a conference on forest issues.

The Leftist are also the biggest threat to themselves. They twice vandalized the Democrat Party Office in Portland.

A different Leftist group, the anti-Israel rioters also vandalized Portland during the riots and attacked several Israeli restaurants and a college campus.

Finally comes the Hamas attack on Israel, the worst attack since the Holocaust. A liberal political group, a PSU student group and an Oregon political activist on Twitter all gave tacit approval siding with the Hamas attackers who slaughtered over 1,200 innocent civilians – raping them, burning them alive in their own homes. Liberal Multnomah County Commissioners couldn’t even muster a response.

We are not ignorant that there have been some conservatives who have engaged in political violence in Oregon, but how does it compare?

No matter the issue; abortion, race, indigenous issues, environment, foreign policy, the response is the same from extreme Leftists who threaten and vandalize their opponents.

In case you are wondering, yes, we do criticize and condemn when conservative leaning groups vandalize the Oregon State Capitol, when they rioted and attacked the U.S. Capitol, and when they invoke anything violent in word or in deed.

When will The Oregonian run a deep dive exposing Antifa?

We need The Oregonian to do it, because whenever we mention Antifa on this website, that very article will be de-prioritized on social media as too “toxic”. That means we conservatives cannot even talk about the violence happening all around us and our buildings being firebombed.

In light of all this, the State’s Largest newspaper, The Oregonian, chooses to run commentaries issuing political warnings about Christian and Hindus.   The media, in general, continue to over-demonize Christians and conservatives while downplaying the open violence of Leftists.

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