Oregon election results: 3 big wins

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Taxpayers Association of Oregon was involved in three races in the Oregon General election that won.

#1. Defeat of Salem Wage Tax 81% to 18%. 
The City of Salem wanted to have it own wage tax (24-491) for anyone who worked in Salem, including those people who may travel into Salem (and other cities).   This is a huge victory for taxpayers. Oregon Business & Industry valiantly  led the coalition.  Here is a postcard Taxpayers Association put out on the measure.


#2. School bond defeated 72% to 27%. 
The most lopsided school bond of the general election was Scappoose which offered an costly, over-priced school bond.   They advertised the cost but failed to mention that the tax rate doubled in a few years and for the majority of the length of the bond.  Turnout was nearing 60%!


#3. Abolish Term Limits measure defeated 64% to 35%.
The City of Rogue River tried to abolish term limits for City Councilors.  The Taxpayers Association of Oregon issued a voter pamphlet argument claiming that the no-term limit model was a “Joe Biden model” for politics.  Taxpayers in Rogue River agreed with us.


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