Kamala’s holiday photo: Gas stove that Biden, Eugene aim to ban

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Biden administration discussed banning gas stoves after U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, spoke about “a ban on gas stoves” and that this ban is on the table as a way to protect citizens from the dangers of stoves. Also, Eugene passed a ban on gas stove installation in certain new homes, and then rescinded the ban after public backlash.

If the politicians believed that gas stoves we a public health risk (US Consumer Product Safety) or bad for the earth, then they wouldn’t have one.  Instead they go out and get what they want and then ban it for everybody else.

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek did the same when she used tax dollars to install a natural gas generator for her governor’s mansion in times of emergency.  Yet, Kotek’s environmental lobby supporters try to block this from citizens doing the same thing. Read more here.

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