Thieves ram U-haul into bar (car ramming trend)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

KPTV reports, A person crashed a U-Haul truck into Ship Ahoy Tavern, a bar in southeast Portland, which was captured on security footage.  The footage reveals the driver backing the truck into the building, seemingly targeting the bar’s ATM. Fortunately, despite the extensive damage, the ATM remained secure.  In the spirit of the holiday week, it seems even thieves can’t disrupt the Ship Ahoy’s spirit.

Follow more on the U-Haul story here.

Just a few weeks ago vandals rammed a stolen car through the Tillamook Air Museum.

on Black Friday last year, Portland’s REI store was car rammed by thieves who looted. The store is leaving Portland.

This Portland store had their metal gate smashed by a van so the looters could rob anything they wanted.

This car ramming was done in broad daylight.

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