2024 = 26 new laws, cell-tax, 5% gas tax, electricity +17%

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Here are some taxes, fees and laws going into effect this year.



• 40-cent cell-phone tax. Second cell-phone tax increase in just three years.  More here.

• Oregon gas tax up 5%. See more here.

• DMV fees increase.  Some of the DMV fee increases = Commercials drivers license doubles! From $75 to $160. Instruction driver permit from $23 to $30. Hardship driver permit application from $50 to $75. Driver’s license from $54 to $58.

• Electricity up 17%.  Portland General Electric rates will be going up 17%.

•  77 health care fee increases.  The 2023 Legislature passed 77 fee increases/new fees which will directly impact the cost of medicine, hospitals and health care.




$1,000 child tax credit.  For families earning $30,000 with a child under age 6.  House Bill 3235 (Oregon Kids Credit): Establishes a refundable child tax credit to support families with young children.  Because poor Oregonians will need a tax credit to pay for the 17% electricity increase, 5% gas tax increase, DMV fee increases, new cell-phone tax and the 77 health care fee increases that politicians just passed.


• Higher penalties for stealing more than $5,000 from a retail store.  Apparently stealing $4,000 from a store is not considered serious.  Read this shoplifter kingpin confession.  (Senate Bill 340)


Schools must teach fentanyl is bad (after adults decriminalized it, and allowed people to legally smoke it in public). Senate Bill 238: Mandates educational programs on the dangers of fentanyl and related legal protections for Oregon’s youth.


• It is legally easier for you to save a life by using Narcan (detox drugs).   Senate Bill 1043: Requires health facilities to provide overdose reversal medication to patients treated for opioid abuse and protects individuals who administer aid.


• Allows all cities to use photo-radar cameras.  House Bill 2095.


• Any substance that impairs your driving is now under possible DUI violation. House Bill 2316: Broadens DUII laws to include all impairing substances, enhancing road safety.


• Upgrades terrorism to include targets involving utilities, airports, roads and dams. HB 2772.



• Allowing people to sue a paramilitary group if they block public access, threaten or intimidate. (Hb 2572).  Will this apply to liberal groups that block traffic (like just this week at Portland airport?)



• Expanding stature of limitations on sex abuse from 12 to 20 years for minors.   House Bills 3632.


• Turning vacant office buildings (from businesses fleeing Portland) into apartments.  House Bill 2984 eases such zoning changes.


• Blocks insurance companies from charging you more just because the state labeled your house in an extreme-wildfire hazard zone in their wildfire risk map.  Senate Bill 82.


• Food-delivery companies must get state permit to deliver alcohol. OLCC regulation.


• Schools must teacher finance.  Senate Bill 3: Adds personal finance and higher education/career skills to high school graduation requirements.




Measure 110 administrative fix. House Bill 2513 Enhances Measure 110 by improving staff, application processes, and data collection for addiction treatment programs.


Drug help for prisoners. Senate Bill 529: Boosts addiction treatment in correctional facilities, modifying procedures for program acceptance and requiring comprehensive services.


New 988 Crisis line. House Bill 3426: Mandates crisis hotline centers to have specific policies and training to aid firefighters and first responders.


Affordable housing. House Bill 2761: Enhances the capacity of the Oregon Housing and Community Services to finance affordable housing projects.


Helping non-English speakers in education. House Bill 2504: Reduces barriers for non-English speaking professionals in the early learning sector.


Drug transparency: Senate Bill 192: Directs the establishment of upper payment limits on prescription drugs and increases transparency in drug pricing and pharmacy benefit managers’ operations.




– Senate Bill 536: Sets new standards for the sale of annuities in Oregon, including disclosure requirements and mandatory training for brokers and producers.

– Senate Bill 628: Requires health benefit plans to cover specific treatments for pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders related to streptococcal infections.

– Senate Bill 797: Mandates health insurance coverage for medically necessary prosthetic and orthotic devices without imposing out-of-pocket expenses.

-Senate Bill 1529 & House Bill 3008: Implements coverage for primary care or behavioral health visits with minimal co-pay and assigns members to primary care providers if they haven’t chosen one within a specified period.

– House Bill 2002: Establishes rights for individuals’ decisions on reproductive health and mandates coverage for gender-affirming treatment, protecting providers offering such services.

– House Bill 2052: Requires data brokers to register with the Department of Consumer and Business Services before operating, enhancing personal data protection.

– House Bill 2282: Updates codification of preventive services coverage to maintain access in case of changes to federal requirements.

– House Bill 2574: Prohibits cost-sharing for post-exposure prophylactic drugs for HIV prevention and mandates policies for dispensing such drugs in hospitals.

– House Bill 2982: Requires homeowners insurance to offer a minimum of 70% content coverage without an inventory in total loss disasters.

– House Bill 2994: Expands coverage for hearing aids, cochlear implants, and related technology, ensuring reimbursement and detailed coverage policies.


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