State TV ad: Wine “not good for you”

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Oregon Health Authority has rolled out their new video ad telling citizens wine “is not good for you”.

See below:


There are problems with this anti-wine video ad.


Children are denied lots of adult privileges because of their undeveloped brain (frontal cortex executive function), not because the activity itself is bad.


If the State of Oregon logic was true then we could expect to see these ads.


Second, if wine is not good for adults, then why does the State of Oregon give special law treatment to the wine industry?

Why is the wine industry allowed to benefit from taxpayer dollars in the form of economic development funds?

Is The State of Oregon telling us not to do something and then using our laws and our tax dollars to promote it?  Maybe, the State of Oregon is drunk with power and hypocrisy.

Citizens depend on their health agencies to provide the most scientific and factual information to educate the public.  This ad fails to do that.

Also, this is the same Health Department that made it illegal to visit a beach during Covid-19 when the science (and other states) did not warrant it.  It was more healthy to be outdoors with visitors than to be indoors with visitors.   As a result of this failed logic, Oregonians were arrested for visiting the beach.

This is the same State Agency that did not initially disclose the age and location outbreaks of those who were dying of Covid-19, so the public could better understand the virus and protect against it.   In this case, health information was withheld from the public.

This is the same State Agency for whom in the middle of the pandemic their chief decided to run for political office while serving as head of the Oregon Health Authority (and lost).   This shows you were their values were — politics and public attention — not public attention.

To make blanket statements that wine is not good for adults, is the type of half-truths and sloppy work of a government that should be focusing on the true problems of alcohol which is drunkenness and health effects resulting from not moderate drinking but abusive drinking.