New billboard angers Portland politicians

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

This new billboard by People of Portland is enraging people.

Two weeks ago, a non-profit leader complained in The Oregonian that the billboards criticizing local politicians, erected by People for Portland.  She commented, “Recognize the damage that negative billboards cause and build support for a shared vision: In our ongoing efforts to revitalize and showcase the vibrant spirit of our beloved city, it is imperative that we address the multiple massive billboards paid for by the “People for Portland” organization that take aim at the city and our leaders. These towering billboards are increasingly shaping Portland’s identity, impacting a fragile ecosystem that is desperately trying to reinvent itself.”

She went on to talk about on how she is forced to avoid the billboards when she introduces future clients to Portland, least they see the billboards and decide not to do business here.

As if future clients don’t see the near 5-mile wall of graffiti on Portland’s Highway 84.

These People for Portland billboards are not the PROBLEM, they are the SOLUTION because they help expose the politicians who are causing the problem and who are not prosecuting criminals and who are raising your taxes.

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